Hypermax 6.0 L Bead Seal Head Gasket Set
2003-2008 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Performance Wire Ring Bead Seal Head Gaskets. No machining required, capable of running 500 plus BHP.
Works With 18 mm & 20 mm dowel

New and Improved Bead Seal Gasket Body with impregnated rubber seal. Eliminate blown head gaskets with this assembly and no machining needed. Works well with programmers or in-line modules. Keeps your truck from whistling like a tea kettle. If you run over 30 Psi of boost then these are what you need! We tested these at 500 BHP for 40 hours. Intermittent runs to 625 BHP
Works with both 18 mm & 20 mm dowels Gasket is supplied as 18 mm dowel. Just remove the 4 tabs for 20 mm dowel

Gasket bodies are made from steel sheet and covered in graphite composite material and a small rubber bead is applied around all areas with aircraft stainless combustion rings.
Applications: 2003-2008 Ford F-Series pickup, Van, and Excursion with 6.0L Power Stroke diesel.
Stud Update: We have tested these gaskets with ARP head studs and found no extra sealing performance gain over factory bolts and our gaskets. If used, ARP installation instructions must be followed.
Stacking of boxes will also fail the gasket. This means using an in-line programmer along with programming the factory PCM. This is due to the extreme timing advance that is produced by both modifications.
Warranty: There is no warranty with this product, if the kit fails it is due to installation error or operator error. If you have more than 500 BHP or stack boxes the gaskets will fail. We have hundreds of hours of testing and they do not fail when used in the manner which they are designed.
Includes 2 Bead Seal gasket bodies, 8 rings, and Do-it-yourself installation instructions.

Retail Price: $700.00

Our Price: $525.00

Status:In Stock
Brand: Hypermax Inc.
Size:2003-2008 6.0L Power Stroke

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