Hypermax Exhaust Valve Seats
Hypermax Performance Exhaust Valve Seat Inserts.
Designed for high performance diesel engines. Set of 8.

Hypermax Performance Exhaust Valve Seats. Set of 8.
Exhaust valve seat inserts designed for high performance diesel engines. These seats are designed to handle the high temperatures and constant high engine loads.
Applications: All 1983-1987 F-Series pickups and vans with the 6.9L Ford diesel. This item is not for use with the Power Stroke diesel engine.
Do-it-yourself installation instructions included.
To schedule professional installation, please call Hypermax at (847) 428-5655, or visit one of our Certified Hypermax Installation Centers.

Retail Price: $125.00

Our Price: $96.00

Status:In Stock
Size:1983-1987 6.9L Diesel

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