Hypermax Water Injection System
The Hypermax 7.3L Power Stroke diesel water injection system is designed for high-performance applications such as truck pulling and drag racing. Controls exhaust temperatures to desired level electronically.

Hypermax Water Injection System
Works great for truck pullers and drag racers. Controls exhaust temperatures to desired level electronically.
Also ideal on any turbocharged engine or non-intercooled vehicles. Temperature dependent, not boost activated.
Applications: 1995-2003 F-Series pickup, Excursion, and van with 7.3L Power Stroke diesel.
the system consists of a self contained 10 gallon tank and pump. The dimensions are 20" long, 13" wide and 18" high. All you need to provide is 12 volt power source and route the wires and hoses and of course add water. The unit is connected to your pyrometer and as the exhaust temperature approaches 1250 degrees the unit is activated and once cooled to 1250 degee's the unit shuts off until the temperature is increased again. The water nozzles are located in the intake air charge. Do-it-yourself installation instructions included.
To schedule professional installation, please call Hypermax at (847) 428-5655, or visit one of our Certified Hypermax Installation Centers.

Retail Price: $1,700.00

Our Price: $1,575.00

Status:In Stock
Size:8 Gallon Capacity

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